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Elephant Parade

Nature and city come together in a single element, it is not clear which one dominates the other.

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Marc Jacobs

Paris, fashion week - customization of 60 bags...

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In occasione della sua prima mostra personale, intitolata COPY THAT presso la...

Federico Massa - Iena Cruz


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Interview by Juxtapoz

This whale appears in a tight situation, very close to getting engulfed by a number of large octopus arms. The person responsible for this large underwater themed mural is Italian Brooklyn-based artist, Federico Massa aka Cruz. The mural is entitled “Corrientes Furiosas Que Acarician Y Que Destrozan “ which roughly translates to “Petting And Furious currents that destroy” .To view it this work in person, head to Myrtle and Evergreen in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn.

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